maciek pawlikowski photography

maciek pawlikowski photography


Norfolk Coast

Phototrip along the Norfolk coast: Hunstanton – Titchwell – Scolt head Island Natural Reserve – Wells-next-the-sea, Blakeney National Natural Reserve – Weybourne – Cromer  – Sidestrand.

I took those photographs  during trip around Norfolk coast seaside. Some of the shots were on the edge on Blakeney National Nature Reserve – one of the most beautiful parts of the Nofolk coast. The Blakeney Point is part of the Reseve. It has been under the care of the National Trust since it was gifted in 1912. The iconic Lifeboat House was bought in 1922 and finally, has been now turned into a visitor centre and accommodation for the rangers living on Blakeney Point. A four-mile long shingle spit, Blakeney Point is recognised as internationally important for its breeding birds, and its seal colony.

The wide open spaces and uninterrupted views of this natural and dynamic coastline of Blakeney are really inspiring. The moving tides, covering the marshes or exposing the harbour, and the changing light of Norfolk’s big skies make for an ever changing scene.

The Experience

This part of Norfolk coast gives the feeling of serenity and  calmness. Sometimes, like during the day those photographs were taken, it seems like opposite – very misleading. The wind is horrendous and truly gale. On this occasion, colour cross processing, which hopefully reveals the roughness of nature and peaceful sentimental almost emotions. Even in my memory it only exists in those colours as a result of squinting my eyes maybe.

On this Part of Norfolk coast apart from nature there were number of objects, which looked like completely abandoned. There was an old boat and the towing trailer, which has definitely seen better times. Also the phone with only three buttons: 1, 2 and thee. What kind of number would you like to call if you were there?

The last but not least was the hauling noise of wind. Everywhere present, hence there was no way to hide from it or seek a shelter. It was blowing along the curves of the cliff, over it and under. That was disturbing at the beginning. However, very quickly became this very firm point of serenity and calmness. It seemed to be like the sharpest knife cutting us off from each other and in the same time allowing absolute solitude for each of us in a group. Like naked privacy and freedom to rely one on oneself. It became an excuse to immerse in the wind and splash of the waves. Complete and unite.