maciek pawlikowski photography

maciek pawlikowski photography



Leh to Manali highway through the mountains

We travelled over three weeks starting in the heart of Himalayas: Leh. It was a scary landing in the Leh Valley when we flew in between two large mountains. It felt like wings of the plane are about to smear the fast moving edge of the giant rock.

Making travelling friends comes easy. Especially if you have to go on the two-day road through the most dangerous mountain route in the world, and every second turn looks it could be the end of the trip. The excitement of the Police control points was exotic only at first. By the time we reached seventh, it had become a routine. Having great companions is only part of the success the rest depends on the driver. Although to be honest, everything depends on the driver. We were incredibly lucky to have both. We realised that passing the point where other trip didn’t make it. Driving in the high mountains is a skill.

People who live here are amazingly resilient and in the same time very kind and extremely modest at any time. They shine with intrinsic beauty and smile like you would be their best friend. When looking at that vast space, you must realise that they move with seasons in the eternal circle of life. They are part of the mountains. They are one of the elements of this land.

The Second highest pass in the world is called Tangalang La. We are standing 5328 meters above the sea level, and it feels like being in the sky already.  Multiple stone stupas surround the little Buddhist temple. Those are stones put together one on top of another by people who had travelled before us. They have immersed in the landscape, so it is not possible to say which stones were moved by human hand. The altitude literally took my breath away. There isn’t much oxygen left. It is time to move on.