maciek pawlikowski photography

maciek pawlikowski photography


Flight over Aran Islands

Aran Islands, Galway Bay and Cliffs of Moher, Inishmore, Árainn Mhór/Inis Mór, Inishmaan, Inis Meáin/Inis Meadhóin, Inisheer, Inis Thiar/Inis Oírr/Inis Oirthir

Aearial Photography was rather something new for me at the time. It was also first time I have been to Aran Islands.  We got on the tiny plane with six or eight seats and took of so quickly that almost didn’t realise we were up in the air already. Main purpose of our visit was post delivery as it happens twice a day this plane goes to the middle island to exchange the postal bags. I wonder if there is a size limit for what you can order on Amazon.

There are about 1,200 residents on all three islands. Apparently to live there one needs to be descendant of the original residents. It seems like one would also need to know Gaelic. Aran Islands have status of Gaeltacht, which means it is primarily Irish-speaking region. We went for a pint to the pub and ordering beer wasn’t the easiest. Even though they obviously speak English. I had to ask three times what seem to be “would you like some ice with your cider”

The beauty of the land stands in antinomy with it’s hospitality. The are sharp rocks everywhere  which makes it difficult to walk. Apparently the islands were in the past 100%  self sustainable. Locals developed a system of fertilisation by mixing rocks with soil and seaweed. Respect. Nowadays majority of them are artist. Unfortunately we didn’t meet any. We did however came across crazy surfer. He was jumping on those peculiar waves which in few spots were going along the coast.