maciek pawlikowski photography

maciek pawlikowski photography


Potemkin Stairs

Potemkin Stairs are one of the most amazing and simples architectural design although not visible in a first place.Look at the picture and imagine standing in front of them, knowing that a statute is about 300 meters away from you. You just came dow about 200 steps and what is missing from that image? Yes, PERSPECTIVE.  How can you simply explain that phenomenon? Stairs are much wider on top.

“The stairs are considered a formal entrance into the city from the direction of the sea and are the best known symbol of Odessa.[1] The stairs were originally known as the Boulevard steps, the Giant Staircase,[3] or the Richelieu steps.[4][5][6][7] The top step is 12.5 meters (41 feet) wide, and the lowest step is 21.7 meters (70.8 feet) wide. The staircase extends for 142 meters, but it gives the illusion of greater length.[8][9][10] The stairs were so precisely constructed as to create an optical illusion. A person looking down the stairs sees only the landings, and the steps are invisible, but a person looking up sees only steps, and the landings are invisible”. Wikipedia

Fascinating. Her watch first time they were used to build a thrilling scene in film industry.

Roger Corman analyzes the “Odessa Steps” scene from ‘Battleship Potemkin’ (1925)


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